Saturday, April 5, 2008

Money Management Online

Today it is easier than ever to keep an eye on your money, no matter where you are. Using Internet tools can help you more effectively manage your money.

Money management is easier when you take advantage of online tools that let you access a variety of accounts and allow you to execute trades and make financial decisions from just about anywhere in the country. And there are plenty of secure ways to manage your money with the help of Internet money management tools.

Online investment tools

Online investing can be done even while you are on a business trip away from home or office. Thanks to online brokerages (which often offer discounts for online traders), you can monitor your investments accounts and portfolios, place orders and track market performances. These Internet investment tools make it easier for you to manage your investment money online.

Online banking

Online banking can make it easy and convenient to transfer funds, pay bills and reconcile your bank statements. You can be on vacation and still monitor your accounts, checking for inaccuracies and double-checking your account balances. You can even make sure your bills are paid on time by signing up for automatic bill pay through your bank.

Compatibility with personal finance software

Most online Internet money management tools are compatible with personal finance software. The Microsoft money management program and Quicken both offer ways for you to update your account information via the Internet. It is even possible to use personal finance software in tandem with online tools from investment companies and online brokerages.

Not only that, but many PDAs and cell phones are moving toward being compatible with personal finance displays. This means that you can manage your money from almost anywhere — even if you don’t have access to a computer.